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A man confessed he killed another man by stuffing a ball down his throat to prevent him from screaming during an uninvited sexual advance.

Danny Dearsman (54) walked into police headquarters to confess and drew a map to the shallow grave in Michigan where he buried the body, Detective Douglas Brainard said. Dearsman was jailed under $50,000 bond on a charge of involuntary manslaughter.

The victim, Tony Wetzel (21), was reported missing and was last seen alive later at a Toledo bar. Dearsman told police he took the victim, who had been drinking, to his mobile home and began fondling and undressing him after Wetzel fell asleep.

Wetzel awoke, Dearsman got scared and stuffed a small, soft rubberlike toy ball in his mouth to keep him quiet, Brainard said. Wetzel appears to have suffocated, the detective said, but an autopsy is planned.

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